Written by a few expats who have lived and worked in the tourism industry in Vietnam for a few years, this blog is what we would advise our friends or family when visiting Vietnam. We are often asked by friends or friends of friends to recommend places to visits, restaurants to eat,who to book with, how to get away from the crowds etc and having written numerous individual emails, figured it made sense to put all the info in one place.

We are passionate about Vietnam and want people who visit here to get the best out of the country. It never seizes to amaze us, the people, the food, the beautiful landscapes. It has something for everyone!

So here it is (it will take a while bfore it is complete as we are in full time jobs) but we hope it will help anyone thinking of coming to Vietnam in the future!


2 responses to “Why?

  1. Hi ‘expats’..
    I’m based in Brisbane, Au.. website http://www.thecapeclub.com will fill in the ?.. I’ve got an amazing 13nights of Indulgence Tour to Vietnam planned – hoping to do this at least 4times a year.
    I totally agree, Vietnam just is absolutely amazing! thanks for this great info.. keep it rolling.. Hue?.. Dalat?.. Nhatrang?.. thanks – Jean Wethmar

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