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Hoi An Street Food

Unlike Hanoi and HCMC, Hoi An’s street dining is um, not fabulous- but there are a few noteworthy places. Thankfully there are dozens of good restaurants to make up for it!

Com Ga Hoi An- Yes, its chicken rice. It can’t be that exciting, right? Well its not but Hoi An is known for it and there is one place that does it justice…a little street stall on a busy intersection.

Corner of Nguyen Truong To and Ly Thuong Kiet

Mi Quang and Cao Lao- These are also two traditional Hoi An dishes that every restaurant serves but serves in an average way. There is one hole in the wall local shop (called Hai) that does a great job and has cold beers too. It’s tucked in a small alley between Phan Boi Chau and Nguyen Dieu Hieu. It’s 15,000 VND per bowl but you’re likely to get charged 30,000… try to pay 20,000 as a happy compromise!

Banh Mi- One thing the Hoi An folks have nailed down are their banh mi (baguettes). Unlike the airy, sugary versions in Hanoi and HCMC, these ones have loads of flavor and texture. The best lady sets up on the outside of the local market on Hong Dieu street from around 7 AM until 4PM. Ask for it ‘thap cam’ and she’ll throw in all the goodies or simply point to what you want (note: the green chilis are HOT)

Bale Well- Between a street restaurant and a ‘real’ restaurant, this is a fabulous spot for a meal with friends. You’ll feel like you are at a local bia hoi but with a bit more comfortable seating. It’s all open-cooking of things like grilled pork skewers, spring rolls and banh xeo. Go for the set menu. Excellent value.
45/51 Tran Hung Dao Street

Written by Anne Courtney  Cruickshanks